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If you’re TV, TS, TG or a transgender admirer, then you’ll be able to find new friends or lovers in the Transgender Personals. We know — it can be hard to find people who understand the t-girl dating scene. That’s about to change. Meet new friends or lovers in the TG Personals!

Helpful Hint for the Guys who Admire T-Girls: Always treat the t-girls with respect. Communicate honestly and openly with her and get to know her. Let her know you’re interested in her needs and desires. Truly listen… Treat her like you would any other lady.

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4 thoughts on “Transgender Dating

  1. Blake says:

    This is a brief resume synopsis of who I am and how I think and feel about my attraction to transsexual women. I am a straight male, who only dates transsexual women, pre-op and no-op. I am an Afro-American male romantically attracted to Caucasian and Asian transsexual women. However, irrespective of your racial dating proclivities, you may find this synopsis of my resume interesting. I live in the suburban Detroit metro area. I am an information based mature adult male romantically, emotionally and intellectually attracted to transsexual women. Since my early teens, I have known of my romantic and sexual attraction to transsexual women. My earliest dating of transwomen began in my late teens while in the U.S. Army. However, I married a straight woman during which I honored my vows, sired two children, raised them and then divorced. Today, I remain attracted to transwomen. I cannot explain the enduring attraction but it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I know of the struggle that transwomen go through in life, particularly while young, having the body of the gender inconsistent with one’s personal psychological motivations, emotions, sexual urges, romantic attractions, etc. Life and living can be an intensely confusing and a major psychological and emotional struggle. At such times, depending on one’s social environment, the young trans can feel confused and totally alone, questioning one’s sanity beginning early in life and lasting into adulthood. Puberty is another struggle and can be oh so confusing. I have never figured out why I am personally, romantically and sexually attracted to transsexual women rather, I simply know that I am. I have never been attracted to men homosexually.

    When I researched the matter, I found in Christine Jorgensen a sibling of sorts in that she was a woman, a female psychologically and emotionally, born in the body of a man. Christine was an early pioneer in undergoing transgender surgery. Her story aided me in accepting my romantic and sexual attraction to transsexual women. My research revealed that 10% of the world’s animal population is transgender, including wild animals; all species in the world are included in this percentage. Accordingly, I have deduced that I was likely born with a natural attraction to transsexual females. But, I cannot prove it. On the other hand, I can demonstrate it.

    I learned that modern science does not know nature’s events of the intrauterine bodily chemistry and science that triggers the determinant triggers leading to 10% of the world’s animal population to birth as transsexuals. However, science believes that the process happens in intrauterine during pregnancy while still in the womb. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, the cause remains unknown.

    To my personality, like most of us, I can be very intense when focused on specific goals and objectives. I am a retired computer professional (computer and business systems engineering). My personally includes an intense side when focused on problem solutions related to everyday life, business problems, personal challenges and related solutions. I tend to have a relaxed persona with excellent communications skills. However, I do have playful side. My interests and hobbies include a broad range of matters, including (but not limited to): sports, downhill skiing, swimming, horses, boating, aviation (I am a retired licensed private pilot), action movies and love stories, dramas of human and family behavior, common male-female interaction, the pursuit of specific goals in life , comedies and never quitting until you succeed. As for the lover I seek, she should be a transsexual women, comfortably at ease with her transgender nature, pre-op or no-op, romantically and sexually attracted men.

    In fairness, to sharpen your on me, I began this profile stating that I am a straight male. I wish to make it clear that I only date transwomen, pre-op or no-op. However, I am always open to meeting new friends of any gender. All of the above may seem extraneous, yet I know that it is a somewhat representative but inadequate resume of my life. If you find this brief synopsis of my personal resume interesting or feel a connected kinship with me, then I would like to chat with you. At the very least, young or old, I hope you found an ace in here that you can use. Ciao Bella – Blake

  2. Percy says:

    I really want to meet and date real shemale’s.. Its always been my fantasy..I really love meeting new people as well..

  3. Candie says:

    Well if you are going to meet a girl here, you need post a face photo and give a location Otherwise it is doubtful your wish will come true.

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