Trans Webmasters

Transgender Webmasters Linking Options

Get this chat room for your transgender site!
We’ll even set it up for you.

Transgender chat is a great way to add valuable content to your transgender web site and keep your visitors coming back!

Three Ways To Add TG Chat To Your Site

1. Link to us: If you would like to link to our chat room, we prefer a text link to

You can copy and paste the following html code for a simple text link. Feel free to modify the visible text to suit your site.

Join Us in the <a href=””><b>Transgender Chat Room</a></b>


2. Add our banner: You may copy our banner (below) and hyperlink to us at

3. Add our chat to your website: If you prefer, we will review your site and upon approval, we will set up cobranded chat for you that directs to your own subdomain.

3 thoughts on “Trans Webmasters

  1. sarah says:

    I use this chat rooms for a while. I like this. but I have 2 requests
    1. Each person should create a minimum profile at least before starting the chat
    2. Person log in through phone or tablete should be able to view profiles. as 40% people are using phones to log in.
    We have created a profile but they ask our details. As I have created a profile I don’t like to repeat that. Sometimes I start ignoring phone guests just because of this.

    Thank you very much for creating such a nice platform.

    If you can solve these 2 problems it would be nice


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